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STIMULUS, Stylish Barefoot Shoes

STIMULUS, Stylish Barefoot Shoes

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The Stimulus line is created to wear at the gym, in the office, and everywhere in between to maximize the impact of every step in your day. The perfect stylish barefoot shoe for a strong foot.


Designed to "not catch your eye" as a barefoot shoe, yet checks all the boxes to provide the benefits of one: 5.5 mm thin and flexible rubber outsole, wide toe box, and 0 mm heel-to-toe drop. Minnemals come with a 3.5 mm removable insole. Use this to customize the shoe fit based on your foot volume and amount of thickness you desire.

The soles are made of rubber, upper materials include vegan leather and mesh.


We recommend spot cleaning, but you can machine wash cold on the delicate cycle if you really got after it, preferably in a garment bag. Please air dry only as the dryer will compromise the integrity of the shoe.


Stimulus runs slightly big. If you are in between, we recommend sizing down. Please reference the size chart below to find your ideal fit.

To learn how to measure your foot, watch here:

Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

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Today I took my first long walk in my new Minnemals. I had worn them around the house for several days and noticed the great traction, and amazing comfort from the start. During my walk, the shoes were comfortable with just the right amount of cushion. My feet could feel the sidewalk and were more connected to it than with my other 'typical' shoes. I could tell that those typical shoes had modified my gait from a standard 'barefoot' gait on this longer walk because I had to work harder walking in the Minnemals to keep my toes up and not drag them on each step. Also my Heart Rate tracker had me at about 10 beats per minute higher than on the same route/pace in my previous shoes (which is a good thing for me because I had trouble getting into the zone I wanted to be in previously).

I really recommend Minnemals to anyone looking for new shoes.

Solid, good looking barefoot shoe

My husband and kids have worn vivobarefoots for over a decade, but this is my first pair of barefoot shoes! I'm transitioning to them slowly and so far they feel great. I wear a women's size 9, but ended up with the women's 8/8.5. The toe box feels large enough without it being clownish. Overall I'm excited to keep wearing them!

Matthew Dargis
Great shoes

I would prefer to be barefoot, and since I can't these work. I can feel the ground so much better. My ankles are being engaged a lot more. I also like the thin profile of the shoe and how tight it is to my foot. I can stim (neurodivergent fidgeting) by walking because of the increased feedback.

The base of the shoe's tongue still pokes a bit when I lift my heel, but it has softened as I've worn it. Because they actually fit, I'm fine with that. They are more breathable than many of my other shoes, but I want them to be even more breathable to feel more barefoot. I got the white soled shoes, but because of how they mark up on the bottom I would get darker soled shoes next time.

Alec Werning
A barefoot shoe for everyone

Minnemals felt amazingly freeing when trying them on for the first time - just enough protection, but no unnecessary support or manipulation of the foot. Getting used to them took a few days of my foot warming up to the new feel but eventually they felt very natural to wear all the time. I love to wear them on long walks or during day trips when traveling. I'm excited to try them for running short distances after a few months of building up foot strength!

Bill Sharbono
Awesome! Need longer laces

These are great shoes! Only complaint & it’s super minor…needs longer laces