everyday barefoot shoes

Why Minnemals?

Whether you’ve ended up here because you’re constantly seeking what’s best for your body, looking for an edge at the gym, or been battling plantar fasciitis for years and have determined orthotics aren't cutting it anymore, welcome :) We are so happy you’ve found this style of footwear. 

Over the past decades, shoe brands have gone further and further away from what our feet need: natural movement. Minnemals allows your foot muscles to get STRENGTH WITH EVERY STEP, without compromising on style.

It's time to let your feet do feet things, not shoe things.

  • everyday barefoot shoes

    Wide Toe Box

    Shaped to match the foot it’s on, rather than forcing the foot to conform to the shape of the shoe. A wide toe box allows your toes to splay, which is an important part of the gait cycle.

  • everyday barefoot shoes

    Thin and flexible sole:

    With only a 6 mm sole between your foot and the ground, the sensory receptors in your feet can feel the ground beneath them. This feedback from the foot to the brain helps with increasing stability, balance, and strength.

  • everyday barefoot shoes

    0 drop from heel to toe:

    When there’s a discrepancy in Heel-to-Toe height, it shifts your body’s posture to accommodate the forward tilt. Having zero drop in a shoe allows your body to stand tall upon a flat surface, naturally.

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everyday barefoot shoes

Meet The Founder

As a practitioner in Muscle Activation Techniques and Gait Analysis, I was frustrated. I continually saw the same issues in clients, regardless of age or activity level. How could such WEAK feet be so prevalent across the board? When I dug in, I found that a lot of the cause traced back to the types of shoes my clients wore daily. You know, the shoes that market as "feeling like you're walking on clouds?"

Finding barefoot shoes opened my eyes to how much a simple decision could lead to decades of pain and limitation later on. The freedom the barefoot structure offered made sense, but then arose the struggle: the lack of style and limited consumer exposure. All of this fueled me to create my own shoe line, breaking both the stigma of barefoot shoes being those "weird toe shoes" and the lack of awareness to the benefits of wearing a shoe of this design.

I don't care if it's my shoe or not. My passion is to see every person in a shoe that allows their body to move as it is designed to move, from the time they are learning to walk.


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