Apply to be a Minnemals Affiliate

We are people on the move: in fitness, chasing kids (dog form counts too), the community, summiting a mountain, etc. You won't find us sitting in one spot for too long...we've got things to do! Athleisure is our go-to style because you never know where the day will take you.

Coffee at 9, pickleball at 3, and dinner at 6? You have to be prepared for it all, and a shoe that can take you there is crucial. All the while, we want our feet working with each step of our day. We're slightly disgusted by a toe box that smashes your toes, and believe an inch thick of foam belongs on a mattress, not under your foot.

Sound like thoughts you've had before? Glad you're here.




To apply to be an affiliate, please send an email to with the following:

Subject line:

Affiliate Application *name*


1. Tell us about YOU! What do you spend your days doing? What type of people do you interact with (in person or online) on a daily basis?

2. With millions of brands out there, why do you want to be an advocate for Minnemals? What resonates with you about the brand that makes you feel it's a good fit?

3. How will you increase awareness of Minnemals? (i.e. events, communities you're a part of, fitness classes, etc.) 

If applicable, please write your social media handles and business websites here. 

4. Lastly, describe what your ideal day is. You call the shots...what would we be doing?


If chosen to be an affiliate, you will be sent next steps in the following 5 days to set up your portal.